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The National Family Development Credential has been approved by the Office of Head Start for fulfillment of requirements under Section 1302.91(e)(7) of the Head Start Performance Standards, Staff Qualifications and Competency.

Comprehensive FDC training and portfolio advisement is available through official FDC training programs in local communities across New York State, and many other state FDC programs affiliated with National FDC, which is located at UConn. For information about where FDC programs are being offered, contact: FDC Program Manager,

FDC Course - Participate in an 80-hour course over several months, led by an official FDC instructor.

Portfolio advisement - Students work with a trained portfolio advisor associated with the course, who provides 10 hours of guidance to complete required portfolio work.

Portfolio Development - Prepare a portfolio that contains, for each of ten chapters:

  • Responses to at least three "Activities to Extend Your Learning" from the Worker Handbook.
  • Plan and carry out at least one skills practice for each chapter.
  • Share this with your portfolio advisor and document it in the portfolio.

The last section of the portfolio contains three Family Development Plans that the worker creates with one family, to demonstrate an ability to work with family member(s) as they choose a goal and begin to take steps toward that goal.

Examination - Successfully complete an examination based on "Forest, C. (2015). Empowerment Skills for Family Workers, Ithaca, NY: Family Development Press (distributed by John Hopkins Press)." Costs include a fee charged by the local FDC program (fees vary), the Worker Handbook ($65) and a $350 credentialing fee.