Center for the Study of
Culture, Health, and Human Development
at the
University of Connecticut


Research Studies on the Family Development Credential Program
Compiled by Claire Forest PhD

July 30, 2018

FDC: What the Research Shows:

  • Stress and self-care among frontline family development workers in strength-based training programs.
  • Family Development Credential Training Impact on Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Human Service Workers.
  • The effects of a strengths-based family development training on family workers' approach to diverse families.
  • The effects of Family Development Credential training on workplace culture and client experience
  • The Family Development Credential Program: A Synthesis of Outcome Research on an Empowerment Based Human Service Training Program
  • Mothers Overcoming Barriers of Poverty: The Significance of a Relationship with a Credentialed Coach
  • Changes in Frontline Family Workers: Results From The Missouri Family Development Credential Program Evaluation
  • The Perceived Impact of Strengths-based Family Worker Training: Workers' Learning that Helped Empower Families.
  • How do Families Coached by FDC Workers Set and Reach Goals?
  • Mid-South Regional Family Development Credential Program Evaluation
  • A Preliminary Evaluation of the Missouri Family Development Training and Credentialing Program (MOFDC)
  • Preparing Human Service Workers to Implement Welfare Reform: Establishing the Family Development Credential in a Human Services Agency
  • The Impact of a Training Intervention among Social Service Workers in Selected Head Start Programs in New York City:  Implications for Staff Development and Program Practice
  • Building a Theory of Change and a Logic Model for an Empowerment-based Family Support Training and Credentialing Program