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Welcome to the Official National Family Development Credential Program! Many states have worked with us to develop affiliated FDC programs that adhere to these requirements and use the Empowerment Skills books by Dr. Claire Forest. This ensures that regardless of location, those who have earned the FDC have similar training. To learn about establishing an FDC system in your state, please contact National Family Development Credential Program Manager at: or Dr. Claire Forest, National FDC Director at 

OHS Approved UConn Family Worker Credential  3/7/17

The Head Start Program Performance Standards state:   
Staff Qualifications and Competency Requirements, 1302.91(e)(7):
A program must ensure staff who work directly with families on the family partnership process hired after November 7, 2016, have within eighteen months of hire, at a minimum, a credential or certification in social work, human services, family services, counseling or a related field.

March 7, 2017, Office of Head Start (OHS) APPROVED UConn Family Development Credential (FDC) for Family Worker to meet this requirement.

To help Head Start programs meet this requirement, FDC has scheduled several FDC Instructor Institutes at Head Start Conferences and elsewhere.